TG: How Obama Ex-Aides Helped Sell $UBER

Another very long investigative piece emanating from “The Uber Files” which The Guardian has plowed through to enlighten us as to what Silicon Valley’s mantra “Move Fast, Break Stuff” has done to help define Late Stage Capitalism:

The Guardian headline: The Uber campaign: how ex-Obama aides helped sell firm to world

Sub-headline: Uber sought access to leaders, officials and diplomats through David Plouffe and Jim Messina, leak shows

:pushpin: Uber broke laws, duped police and built secret lobbying operation, leak reveals…

It was a Sunday afternoon in early November 2015 when David Plouffe emailed his fellow former Barack Obama campaigner Matthew Barzun, typing “Mr ambassador” in the subject line.

Plouffe was working for Uber, and Barzun had been rewarded for his fundraising efforts for the US president with the plum job of American ambassador to the UK.

“Hope you and your family are well. I will be in London Dec 9 and 10. Any chance you could host the event you kindly suggested with influencers one of those days? Uber, Trump, Clinton etc lots to discuss … David.”

Barzun obliged. “What fun!” the ambassador pinged back. Few people turned down Plouffe when he called in favours. It was just one example of how Uber leveraged Plouffe’s reputation and his access to the Obama network to promote its agenda across Europe and the Middle East, according to documents in the leaked Uber files.

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