The American Standard of Living is Rising Considerably

MCD can not figure out that the public never wanted crap.

Supply-side economics poisoned Americans. Americans won’t buy garbage. Remember Germany’s reputation for the best made products? Count the USA in.

note I am sitting in Starbucks right now with a bottled water. I had my decaf elsewhere. SB cheapens the process for making decaf. The women my age in line for coffee for years have told me not touch the SB decaf. Too much caffeine in it. Just had a conversation with the fellow in charge of remodeling this SB. The seats are being mostly taken out. I will go down the street to a slightly more expensive excellent coffee shop.

NYT Dealbook but Andrew Ross Sorkin.


The split-screen view of the economy is becoming clearer as earnings season draws to a close. Mass-market brands, like the fast-food companies McDonald’s, KFC and Starbucks, have reported that a lot of customers are pulling back on spending as high inflation bites. But less price-sensitive sectors, such as airlines and hospitality, say customers are still booking flights, hotel rooms and tables at pricier restaurants.