The bank run situation

There was an early March thread on financial institutions. That was prior to the SIVB and SBNY meltdowns.

Anyone looking at other financial entities e.g. First Republic (FRC)?

Falling knives is an appropriate title. We hope the bank run is over for now. But that is not guaranteed. Plus now Congress takes up the issues and new requirements are likely.

It could be a good time to buy. Choose wisely. And good luck with your choices.

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Ok, having taken a small FRC stake, I am officially playing with financial cutlery.

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Most of the FRC bet was closed yesterday (04/24) with 8 - 20% gains. More importantly, I dodged the major FRC plunge today.

With a huge amount of deposits leaving the bank, is FRC left for dead? Don’t know. But, for now, will be mostly watching from the sidelines.