the "best" companies, per SR's cri

Below I’ve listed some of the companies we follow on this board and ranked them, according to their Annual Revenue Growth %, as defined below.  
I wasn’t able to find some of the metrics (CNF = “Could Not Find”, though I think the data is out there somewhere).  While I may have calculated or "fat fingered" some of the numbers, I think it's close enough.  
I'm viewing this list as a proxy for the most attractive stocks according to (some of) Saul’s criterion.  
Note that all companies have been recommended and  have financial info that is readily available, two of Saul’s important criterion.  Also note there is no consideration given to current stock price or valuation

Company	 AnnRevGro%	niche/    RecurRev	Improving     DBNER	 Adj 	Adj.
	  Q’19?Q’20	 moat	(ARR,or equ.)	 metrics    (or equ.) OP MGN%	GM%
ZM	     169%	 yes	    190%	   yes		130%	 17%	77%
LVGO	     115%	 yes	    85%1	   yes		144%2	-10%	74%
DDOG	      87%	 yes	    189%	   yes		130%	 12%	80%
CRWD	      85%	 yes	    188%	   yes		120%	  1%	75%
COUPA	      47%	 TBD	    100%+3	   yes		100%+4	 13%	68%
OKTA	      46%	 yes	    CNF		   yes		121%	 -7%	76%
AYX	      43%	 yes	    CNF		   yes		128%	 -3%	91%
FSLY	      37%	 yes	    130%5	   yes		133%	-10%	58%

1.	LVGO Estimated Value of Agreements (EVA): $89.0 million, up from $48.1 million in the first quarter of 2019, representing 85% growth. 
EVA consists of the estimated value of agreements signed in the quarter with new Clients or expansions entered into with existing Clients.
2.	LVGO Clients: 1,252 Clients as of March 31, 2020, up approximately 44% quarter-over-quarter.
3.	COUPA ARR per average deal continued to go up meaningfully quarter-on-quarter
4.	COUPA dollar-based expansion rate, historically the range has been $110 million to $112 million. We did note last quarter that it was well above that range and it was above that range again this quarter. 
And that's without including Coupa Pay still not ready to put out a new range just given the volatility of the market and things that are happening. 
But in general, yes, we are seeing the dollar-based expansion rate go up. 
And with existing customers', things such as Strategic Sourcing, and the Risk Aware products are very important in today's environment. So we've seen more customers digging in with those products. 
But in general, the dollar-based expansion rate continues to trend strongly
5.	FSLY’s NRR = 130%