The Best of Artistic Capitalism

{{ An artist took $84,000 in cash from a museum and handed in blank canvases titled “Take the Money and Run.” He’s been ordered to return some of it }}



Everything’s art. They just don’t get it.


Until it costs them money…

The artist needs a lawyer to get back his money. How dare the museum do a clawback. The canvas was wonderful. Have you seen it? Amazing.

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No, I did not see “it” (sob poor me), but only the internet conveyed photographic digitized indication that it exists… Oh, but wait, that is the Real Art isn’t it!

Guffaw. Everybody laughs.

Now please lets move on from this increasingly tedious banana stuck to wall joke.

david fb

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Banksy’s shredded painting was the best.


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ah I found this artist to be very lazy. He did not slash his canvas nor did he make it disappear. What is art coming to?