The conspiracy to make AI seem harder than it is!

The Captain


Before I listen to this I have a question. Will I stay awake during the entire talk?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I see two of my favorite fools have liked this. I will listen. I think Andy just wants others to waste their time.

I am listening
what could go wrong? Creative marketing? Perhaps an improvement?

I have started using Grammarly. Just the basic free level for now.

All I can say it has not passed the Turing test. I know when it is not a human. Every corporation I go to online and want to talk to human I have to push the crazy bot away.

It’s all numbers. Actually it’s all binary numbers and has been binary for over two centuries. The Jacquard machine, patented in 1804, operated looms directed by cards with holes. If hole = 1 and no hole = 0 you are using binary! A transistor has two states, on/off = binary. You can connect transistors to create all the boolean logic, AND, OR, and NOT. That’s all you need to compute ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

The Captain

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Doesn’t anyone with a vested interest insist that what they do is really, really, hard, and beyond the ken of most people? Honchos were always telling me my ideas were irrelevant because they “knew something that I didn’t know”, or “understood something I didn’t understand”, but never telling me what that “something” was. I laffed sarcastically, when the pump seal company Marketing VP dismissed my idea, then implemented it a year later, taking the credit himself.



The theoretical theory to choose and process the words is very broad based. The idea is to fool the public that all of that is a huge amount of work. In fact the programmers never did that work. Instead they developed the short cut to do that work. Big difference.

It would be far more significant if it was far more accurate. LOL

That said the related software Grammarly is far more accurate because I select what is acceptable on a granular level.

Grammarly is not the same sort of AI. The actual author fully writes down the sentence.