The first all-electric, solar-and-battery powered microgrid community in California

How is 341,000 25% of 3.7 million???

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The population of San Diego County is 3.3 million. SDG&E’s territory includes a small portion of southern Orange County. So SDG&E serves around 3.7 million?

It could be the number of households billed is lower than the total number of people being served. Maybe 1.3 million “customers”, or households that receive a bill. But the SDG&E spokesman didn’t make that distinction.

Just a guess.

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Maybe there are 2.7 customers per household, one bill per household?

I got solar panels in 2015. I pay ~$10 per month to connect to the grid. And the small over production I generate gets refunded once a year in my true up bill for around 2 or 3 cents per kwh.
If I’m not paying for the costs of the grid then it is because PG&E doesn’t know how to do accounting. They have always had generation and distribution as two different line items in the bills (or used to since I stopped looking years ago since I went to electronic delivery).


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Whatever the definition is of customer, he say “of that” which implies that the units on the 341,000 is the same as the units on the 3.7 million. Clearly, they must not be the same units, which makes for a pretty meaningless comparison.

From wikipedia, SDG&E serves 3.3 million people, i.e. “customers”, roughly the population of San Diego county, but only has 1.4 million electric meters and 800,000 gas meters (some households and businesses are all-electric).

3.3 / 1.4 = 2.36 people per electric meter

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If you believe PG&E, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

PG&E has for years taken in profits and ignored its vast power infrastructure. Have you heard about fires in California? Have you read how these fires were completely the fault of PG&E’s failure to upgrade power lines that are 60 years old?
PG&E has had control over California’s utility commission for years, the board is made up of PG&E executives. “Rates” are based on whatever the commission decides.
Contrary to PG&E’s assertions that customer-owned rooftop solar is the cause of ballooning electric bills, the company’s massive cost almost $9 billion over the past decade and another $10 billion going forward to build out a safe transmission system which poses a serious fire risk is the real cost of power going forward and PG&E is more concerned about profit than safety.

Do you really believe that solar power should be shut down and California should resort to 100% coal and gas powered electricity?
Maybe PG&E should join the 21st century and invest in green energy?

Shutting down the solar industry in California is what PG&E wants to do. Last year they tried to increase the net metering for solar customers to $125.00 a month and pay zero for the electricity that is currently sold back from solar to the grid.

PG&E could care less about the future of renewable energy, why? because they don’t see profit in it. And PG&E is going to sell you all kinds of propaganda why solar is not sustainable.


Bridge or not, I don’t think anyone mentioned PG&E.


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"I don’t think anyone mentioned PG&E "

Go back and read the post that I’m quoting.

And the link


You live in Wisconsin.


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Yes, I live in WI.
I did have a company come out and give me ideas on installing solar panels. With all the big trees around my house the panels don’t produce enough to make it worthwhile to install.
I’m self employed and do work for Jaime Craig, the Development Director at Renew Wisconsin. That’s where I got the name of the company I called.

Like I said it may be better for me to get a generator, but for my brother solar panels will work just fine.
Thanks for taking the time to post the link. Great information there.



Yea Zoro I didn’t even think about that but that would be a huge problem for many houses.