The Help

My Mon though Thurs 8am-1pm aide took on an overnight gig on Monday & Thursday nights a month or so ago. BTW, she’s also attending night school (nursing, final semester) and has 2 kids of her own and temporary custody of a third (her sister just got our of jail-). She was arriving very tired on Tuesdays, needless to say. Since I have a backup aide for weekday mornings, I suggested she try taking a Tuesday off and see. Well she did. She slept all Tuesday morning and caught up on her laundry and homework all afternoon. She’s now taking Tuesdays off! So I now have help on Tuesdays 8:15-10:15am and 3-5pm.


I cringe to think of how hard her life must be. I can’t help but think how much easier it would be is she didn’t have those two children. Is there a man (let alone a husband) anywhere in sight?


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There are 2 men in her life. Her ex is active in his children’s lives and lives close by. They remain friends. He frequently joins them for dinner and takes the kids when she’s working and they aren’t in school/camp/daycare. She also has a boyfriend of a year or 2. She is close to his mother as well as him. They are also helpful. One of the guys is in construction, the other in landscaping. They both do work in and around the house (well, trailer–she owns her own trailer and the land under it, too).

Whenever people talk about welfare queens and lazy single mothers, I roll my eyes. Few of us work harder than these ladies.