The irreplaceable loss of the Key Bridge disaster

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The Key Bridge, now twisted wreckage submerged in the Patapsco, once held six men high above the river. They were fathers, husbands and hard workers who had traveled to this country for lives they hoped would be prosperous and long.

Then a container ship lost power and slammed into a concrete pier, and the Baltimore bridge plunged into the water. With it went the six men, officials said, all of them construction workers with Brawner Builders, repairing masonry and potholes. They are now presumed dead. Divers on Wednesday found a red pickup truck beneath 25 feet of water. Inside of it, two of the men.


what did you say now?

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Leap1 asked what did the flagged deleted post say?

If I remember right it was goofyhoofy’s normal “commie” stuff recognizing the work and devotion and bereft families and immigrant origins of now dead workers who had been toiling away on the bridge.

I am guessing that might have been left alone, but it got so many likes somebody got upset?

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Too large a quote from the article is my guess… Nearly, if not all of it…


Please give a link to the article.

Copyright violation - too much, if not all, of the original was quoted with no link to the original.

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