The Legal War on the Border

The uber-conservative US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals quickly issued a stay on the US Supreme Court’s decision to lift the stay on Texas’s new border law allowing city and state officials to conduct their own immigrant round ups and deport the suspects to Mexico. And hilarity ensues.



TX hung its problems out for all to see, and now they will be stuck with them.

Mexico has already said they will NOT accept prisoners returned by TX.

The US federal govt can send people between states because the states are all under federal jurisdiction. However, TX does not have any such authority to send people to other states. So other states can tell TX to keep their state prisoners unless TX agrees to PAY for other states to hold the TX prisoners. Plus, the state prisoners can be legally returned to TX whenever another state chooses to do so.

Abbott is going to be VERY UNHAPPY when TX is even MORE full of prisoners than it is now.