The Lost Pony Strategy - Update

Here is an updated list of some of the companies that got carpet bombed, run out of the gym and otherwise abused after reporting earnings:

  1. GTLB - Collapse of 40% to the bottom.

  2. PI - Collapse of 39%

  3. NET - Collapse of 32.05%

  4. ENPH - Collapse of 31.93%

  5. AYX - Collapse of 30.45%

  6. MBLY - Collapse of 19.19%

  7. ANET - Collapse of 17.1%

  8. TSLA - Collapse of 16.58%

  9. AXON - Collaspe of 15.05%

  10. MPWR - Collapse of 13.88%

  11. ABNB - Collapse of 13.88%

The question is whether there is a pony under that smelly pile - or not. So…I thought I would see how these companies were doing.

  1. GTLB has climbed up from its low of 26.77 to 30.30 - a gain of +13.18%

  2. PI - has bounced back from its low of 82.47 to 95.91 - a gain of +16.29%.

  3. ENPH - its low was 152.88 and its currently recovered to 161.42 for a solid short term gain of 5.58%.

  4. NET - the low was 40.48 and its currently sitting at 49.21 - thats a really nice short term gain of +21.5%

  5. AYX - bottomed out at 35.48 and closed today at 36.98 for a gain of +4.22%

  6. ANET - closed today at 141.24 after bottoming out at 132.73 for a nice short term gain of +6.41%

  7. MBLY - fell all the way down to 34.82 and closed today at 40.49 for a sweet short term gain of +16.28%

  8. AXON - just got bombed and may not have bottomed. Just like wine, bombed out companies need a day or so to breath. We’ll see.

  9. MPWR - Reached a depth of 401.38 and finished today at 415.98 for a short term gain of +3.63%. Note: MPWR was up another $6 bucks during the After Hours.

  10. TSLA - fell all the way to 153.75 and closed today at 168.54. Gain of +9.61%

  11. ABNB - Just got bombed: see AXON.

Keeping in mind that I am an often confused amateur investor, it appears to me that in the growth stocks we cover we might do well to be just like firemen: run to the blaze. Moreover - maybe my numbers are all jumbled up: wine will do that to you…you know.

Of course a variety of factors may be at play - but, its got me thinking that small TBs in the high growth companies that fall down might be a great strategy - if, one has the heart for it.

For goodness sake please don’t even think of trying this unless you have really analyzed why the company tanked to begin with.

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May be need to add Unity U.
Q1 earnings results:

Revs up 56% y/y to $500M, growth margin 67.6%
Customers w/ $100K+ revs up 22% y/y to 1,322

Expect Q2 revs to be min $510M, up 72% y/y,

up 12.94% to $32.46 today, but still down ~33% in 1 year.


Rock solid! And great report in the face of all the headwinds whipping some of the other companies. Looking forward to reading the CC.

All the Besr,

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