The more things change

Surely everyone knows about this now, right?..

And yet…

I heard something on the radio about the worrisome increase in measles cases in London and the still low vaccine uptake in some boroughs.

Back in the early aughts when I first got wind of the claims of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, I recall mentioning on the H&N board that this was a Pandora’s Box being opened and outbreaks of measles would be following…to squawks of derision from the anti-vaxx contingent there.

I never imagined that we were in for a pandemic of the proportion of Covid or that similar denialism and anti-vaxx sentiments would have an impact. Or, for that matter, folk would also have the polio vaccine on their “to don’t” list (the numbers of unvaccinated surfaced just over a year ago in the UK and subsequently here in the US)