The RE speculators are after casa del Steve

Received a computer generated thing in the mail today, from “Swift Investments” offering $143,888 for my condo, subject to inspection. We know how that goes “oh, we need to take $10,000 off for this deficiency, and $20,000 off for that”…until the amount is reduced to a pittance. The township assessor says the place has a market value of $160,000.

While the condo bylaws say the units are supposed to be owner occupied, it has never been enforced, so the place is now about 40% rentals.

I have received a number of things from realtors claiming to have someone interested in my place, or wanting to list it, but this is the first purported cash offer received, and from an “investment” company, at that.


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Until interest rates climbed up I used to get those almost every day. Now it is more like twice a month.

I get such offers periodically. Sometimes they are printed on really good paper and signed manually with a pen (or somehow by a machine but looks that way).

Yep. When the postcards find their way to Detroit and Gary, Indiana, we’ll know residential real estate has peaked.


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@steve203 the $160k in this neck of the woods is 70% of the value. That is how are assessors report.

For the first time, just yesterday we received a letter with a specific offer for our home.

I thought it was a lowball offer, but it immediately found its way into the circular file (although technically, it’s a rectangle).

I’m not in the mood for moving and after all the yard work I’ve done this year, I want a Musk-like bonus for meeting my wife’s yard goals.

I like doing yard work. No one bothers me except the worms (occasionally Ms. Wolf will come out in her white hard hat & clipboard and direct me to move one of the hydrangeas 6 inches to the left) AND I get to play in the dirt. That’s what I call a win-win.

We have a new gardener whose name is Manuel.

Manuel Labor.


iirc, in Michigan assessors report 50% of market value. The assessor’s report says $81,000, which implies about $160,000 market value.


I got one like this last week. But they didn’t have an actual number on it, just told me to call them if I want to sell the house.