The short term, daily price moves

It’s quite possible I’m in the minority here…and probably should just keep quiet…but that’s kinda not in my nature…so I’ll just make this post and then slide back into relative obscurity…but I’ve been following this board long enough (since I believe late 2015) to have noticed a couple things lately:

Lots of new folks chiming in. Which is fantastic of course!

But also, there seems to be A LOT of short-term, price or daily movement posts lately. Or how someone trimmed or topped off a position. Saul (and TMF for that matter) espouses a focus on company fundamentals and warns against price anchoring. Which I appreciate and think is wise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all ears when Saul or someone else gives us a compelling reason why they sold or bought on a significant dip based on some actionable news.

But IMO, there’s a lot more noise than is necessary lately and its making it harder and harder to keep up with the real quality posts here. Obviously, if there is some real movement on news, (or likely non-news to the “Modified Buy and Holders”)…UBNT’s recent SEC inquiry for instance, or over reactions to an earnings report…that makes sense to note with a post.

I very much thank Saul and TMF for hosting him and a several other high-quality posters here. My portfolio is up enormously in the past several years, with large thanks to this board. But, would love to see the number of daily “price-anchoring” type posts and the noise in general go down.

Again, just my opinion and not trying to single anyone particular poster out.


Yesterday, I was thinking that it might almost be time for a few Saul-sub-boards, with the “high value” posts made here on the “Main” Saul board.

Maybe one for more “noisy”/short-term posts associated with “Saul board stocks”
Maybe another specifically to keep portfolio progress summaries in one place (but maybe those should stay here)
Maybe another for specific company write-ups/analyses (on second thought, those should stay here…especially for “pitching” new-to-the-board companies…which definitely should not be plagiarized from TMF paid services)

Self-policing could help folks decide which board is appropriate for placing a specific post.


Just a few thoughts from a poster feeling almost guilty about pointing a number of people across Foolish board towards this one…and being cognizant of wanting my posts here to be of high value

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I agree 100% and rec’d your post. If I could rec it multiple times, I would. I can’t, so this is as close as I can come to adding support to your original post.


Saul does a good job of policing “his” board, that’s good enough for me.…

Denny Schlesinger


Tim, the Ignore button comes in handy. Been using it a lot more lately. Reccd ur post.