The tanker marketing guy ... again!

If one follows the tanker sector, I am guessing they already know who I am talking about. If not, I am referring to occasional Jim Cramer Mad Money guest - NAT CEO Herbjorn Hansson.

Mr Hansson will typically send out updates on the company. This latest one is … well, short and sweet

5 sentences in total. The regulatory and cautionary statements are probably 50 - 75 sentences!

BTW, I am guessing Herbjorn is commenting more on Q4 2023 vs Q3 2023 dividend payout. Yes, I think NAT will pay a div in Q3 2023. But, I think it might be more to keep the streak going - over 100 dividend payouts, than a significant increase.

Herb’s comments above also omit any mention of debt payments. That’s a subject that Herb had claimed the company was focused on. There’s a huge chunk of debt due in the next 6 months - Q3 results in a few weeks