The Trade Desk...with a surprising beat!

Well what do you know

Just a few hours after Pubmatic (probably the best executing independent SSP in ad tech in recent years) reported pretty weak Q3 numbers last night and pessimistic guidance for Q4 (PUBM missed thier 18% revenue guidance, only coming in at 11%, and then only guided for +3% YoY in Q4), TTD comes in beating their +28% Q3 guidance with a +31% actual, and still guiding for +24% in Q4, even in this unpredictable economic environment.

I guess the market was right not to pull down TTD too much aftermarket hours yesterday after Pubmatic reported.

There aren’t a lot of specific details to point to in the earnings release itself (other than caling out Connected TV as strong), but I’m sure Jeff Green will be his usual enthusiastic optimistic self on this morning’s analyst call which is about to begin. I’ll be listening and interested to see what we hear.