The World Bank - gold

Coming back into fashion:

Two main factors may explain recent increase in gold purchases by central banks. First, gold is viewed as a safe haven and desirable asset during times of economic, financial, and geopolitical uncertainty as well as a portfolio diversifier. Second, gold is seen as a safe asset when countries are subject to financial sanctions and asset freezes. Skeptics, however, point > to drawbacks in reliance on gold, including its cost to transport, warehouse, and secure and its lack of interest. Despite these disadvantages, gold remains a popular asset for central banks due to its historical track record and the well-regulated markets for trading.

Almost $2,200 an ounce :slight_smile:

Except gold is a dying market.

one Bitcoin = $69,823. :smiley:


I don’t see central banks loading up on bitcoin.

Buy what you are comfortable with.

The really funny thing about The World Bank is that Keynes was instrumental in founding it. He called the gold standard a “barbarous relic”.

I thought you hated the central banks? So wouldn’t that be a good thing?