The world's not listening to you anymore!

Yellen has just been over to China to tell them how to behave:

SHANGHAI – U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Monday described her visit to China as productive, even as she issued a stern warning against support for Russia’s war in Ukraine and underscored concerns over TikTok and Chinese industrial overcapacity.

No one’s taking any notice of her though:

BEIJING: China’s top diplomat said on Tuesday (Apr 9) that Beijing would strengthen strategic cooperation with Moscow and that the two must stand on the side of “fairness and justice” as he met his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.


China has never listened to the US. Intellectual property theft comes to mind.

Yellen visit reminds me of the 3/2021 Blinken’s meeting with China in Alaska.
Blinken chastises China over its treatment of Uighur Muslims from US moral high ground. China representatives turn it around: “Mr Yang said human rights in the US were at a low point, with black Americans being “slaughtered”.”
In effect pulling Blinken pants down and spanking him.

But if you are a Muslim nation, you pay attention somewhat or the US military very well may be visiting your nation. But US military inventions have proven to be failures.