This Can''t Be True, Can It? Are We This Far Along For "Field Tests?" Wo-hoah!

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Yeah, Chemo kicking in sooooo, adios, Muchahos and Muchachas!

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Probably IPGP, IMO.

I’ve followed laser weapon development for a while, casually. A lot of the claims in the video are quite similar to what I’ve read for many years, although I don’t doubt there is some progress they’re trying to describe. Revolutionary? I doubt it. Likely a further incremental improvement over what has existed… now far enough along to use in some cases.

Probably still difficult to be effective on the ocean and land (too much junk in the air, diffusing/absorbing the beam). Perhaps a better chance in the air, although not in all weather conditions.

Definitely not the Death Star.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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Rob, I saw two logos in this video: $LMT and . . . damn I cannot remember the other. Bad Chemo-Brain reaction today. Also, typing is harder than ever with what feels like needs and pins surging through my fingers. Joints in only my fingers, wrists, elbows have this soreness, like no fluid in them. My wife pulls my finger (I won’t fart) and then slowly crack them one by one. Still doesn’t work to relieve this new pain of needles, but it sure relieves joint pain.

Anyway, I only tell you this because I’m slow thinking and slow typing and horrible at short term memory now. (This has a benefit: I use stop BUYS and then set stop/losses immediately. Killing trades while I’m zonked. “How To Trade As A Chemo Zombie and Chemo Rager In Pain.”)

If you would be so kind, with your background, could you start posting your own headlines and stories? Man, I’m so weak, and I have one video I want to share about COVID in China and several stories. But I know you can find more than my Swiss Cheese Brain, so post away. This is not my board, it’s just a tiny sanctuary from “noise” which distracts my trading.

Leaving stuff here means I can find it quickly if I am about to enter a trade. I love this new FOOL.

All of this here took 30 minutes to type. So, in future, it’s back to just headlines and no cut and paste.

I walked just 600 steps in the yard a bit ago. I stopped 10 times for breath. That’s weak. I want to run marathons again. We need a Cancer Patient Olympics and we all use Nordic Walking Sticks and wheelchairs.

This little walk today is exactly what all of us need to do when hitting the pump. Dr. Sos and staff remind me all the time to a) Stay up to date on vaccinations and b) Move more than just going to the bathroom or making the bed.

There are people I help from the Chemo Cafe to the elevator at Genesis. I walk them to their car and the husband or wife or friend jumps out for a fist bump of thanks. I can’t do that right now. I’d fall over. Weak sauce today.

But I have to force myself to eat and walk. Tangerines only, room temp now, because of these needles in my hands and mouth when I touch somethng cold.

Okay, 45 minutes gone on this post already, I’m out of here. NFL today. Gone.

p.s. China news will blow your mind.

Sorry you’re going through this, but glad you’ve been showing progress!

You mention China. I like to follow these guys:

Pretty tough times in China. You’ve got to feel sorry for the “common peasants” as well as all the medical staff. It appears that it’s something the nation will “just” have to go through. Much sickness and pain, much death, much hopelessness.

On a related basis, Peter Zeihan has interesting views. I think he takes some good insights… and then extrapolates those insights… usually to excess. An interesting take on China here: Changing Tides in the Chinese System - YouTube

Regarding health, I’m focused on losing weight. A shade under six feet tall, I was 165#(?) in college, fairly fit thanks to weight lifting and other exercise. Move forward 35 years to 2010, I was around 248#, quite overweight. I finally have been getting serious about resolving this health timebomb and have lost about 32#. Almost out of the obese range per the BMI. I’d like to get down to 200# this year and if I do better, that’s good too.

How? Using “MyNetDiary” to track my intake, with a target of 1.5# loss/week… coupled with walking 3-5 miles a day. Did 4 today. It’s “merely” a matter of determination/persistence, coupled with realizing that perfection each day is not required… flexibility is OK as long as you don’t let it out of control.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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