This is how Saul anticipated AMPL earnings

on January 28:

"To get money to buy my Sentinel position, and build my Snowflake after results, I sold out of my new Amplitude position…

Why did I sell out of Amplitude when I needed cash? Well, I felt Amplitude was my least sure company as far as results going forward. They guided so weakly, that we had to hope that they were HUGELY sandbagging, but what if they weren’t? I didn’t have to hope for the results of Snowflake and SentinelOne, where I was putting the money. Simple as that!

I hope all those who had AMPL in their portfolios got out before the earnings.

The man deserves a STATUE in front of the MF headquarters!


Saul did show a 6% position in amplitude in his end of January
monthly summary.



Saul bought right back in to AMPL.

“But then later in December, I used some money that I was trimming from others (Datadog because it was over 20% of my portfolio, and even some of my favorites like Monday and ZoomInfo, etc), to buy back a position in Amplitude. I’m not always consistent.”

He has a 5.9% position. Wellll, he did before today’s bloodletting.


Sorry, my bad, no statue for Saul this time.
But I still hope that nobody else bought back before the earnings.

It’s still early over here in Europe, the futures look good (not as good as they looked 2 hours ago though), so I wish you all a quiet green Friday and a good weekend!