Three ships carrying grain leave Ukrainian ports

Three ships carrying grain leave Ukrainian ports

Meantime, three more shipments of grain left Ukrainian ports in the latest phase of an internationally brokered deal aimed at relieving a global food crisis.

A Turkish bulk carrier was expected to arrive in the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Chornomorsk, the first to reach the country’s harbor since Russia’s invasion.…


I find it interesting (and an instructive observation about the media) that, while we are cheering each Ukrainian ship heading out of port to feed the world, it has been ignored that this was a two party deal and an unknown number of Russian ships are also heading from Black Sea ports to feed the world.

Russia recoups foreign capital and Ukraine gets money to pay for some of the aid they are receiving. And some of the hungry in the world get fed.

One wonders not only how long this deal will work as well as the military implications of removing mine fields protecting Ukrainian ports.