Throwing In The Towel

Most likely, a contrarian indicator.

I’ve lost about 95% of our financial assets… thanks to a stubborn belief that “things are ALREADY cheap”, coupled with heavy involvement with options. Millions lost. I doubt you could find a financial advisor who would see a way for us to survive retirement.

But… hope springs eternal.

I’ve started selling much of what remains. “Investing” (hopefully, that’s the correct word instead of gambling) the money into selling puts for income. Not tech stocks, but more conservative stuff that has been showing green all year for me (like OXY). At this point, I can pay the bills and slowly crawl back to a more sustainable dollar level.

But my main account… which used to be 7 figures… is now 5 figures. Astonishing. I’m sure some bright folks would point out that I’ve been stupid… and they have it figured out much better. That isn’t helpful.

I hasten to add… there is still one 6 figure account.


I’m sorry to hear that xmfrob. Lots of us are down 20 to 30% from the highs, but still think recovery is likely. Personally I had some nice paper profits accumulated over the years. Still up overall and in a sense playing with other people’s money.

What kind of portfolio did you have? Loaded up with very high PE or speculative stocks? Who advised you to do that? Were you aware of the risk you were taking?

Sounds like you have learned an expensive lesson. Diversification is your friend.

What? Wait, what? Options?

Just a rare case of venting, folks. Not interested in providing details. Still convinced I’ve had great companies. But I can’t wait for a turnaround any longer. Today was the clincher.

One detail: That 7 figure account had some large withdrawals, mostly to pay a 6 figure tax bill due to prior year IRA withdrawals… that had taxes removed, but not enough. Plus some money to… … make a down payment on a mountain condo that we’re now having to walk away from. So, it wasn’t all “stock loss”… I worked to make losses in other ways too.


Rob, I’m still actively trading and using gains to weekly buy more shares in 9 dividend paying symbols.

Half of my port list below is green, not from years of accumulation, but because I started buying on June 1, 2022 and I keep adding - weekly - while insuring the dividends reinvest. This is a list I will add to in perpetuity, as long as I am around, for my beloved wife.

I believe we still have further downside in all our markets. And yet, I buy the following weekly with any gains from any successful swing trade. Next week, I teach my wife how to buy the same $$$ amount of shares in the above and how I’ve set up her Roth IRA to automatically reinvest the dividends back into the underlying symbol.

One of these symbols below is paying 15% dividend - monthly - and is comprised of 100 of the world’s safest and largest dividend paying companies. I don’t think the world will go bankrupt, but I do believe there is better relative safety in numbers and that this current “reset” in world markets requires one to spread the risk in safest companies or etfs co
ntaining safest companies.

Watching the seven ETFs safely grow and reinvest, I started following weekly buys, dividends paid, dividend reinvestment, accelerating exponential share growth (amount held, not percentage held) and the occassional look into what all 7 are holding. The companies contained in these etf holdings all pay out dividends, and many are being raised or lowered, which are in industries which aren’t going away but which still have much to lose in a Global Recession Reset. Who are the winners and losers? Yeah, that’s why I’m going for safety in numbers.

Letting the averages work in my favor.

Hope you are well otherwise and still moving around the country in your RV. The RV parks down here are filling again with snowbirds who escaped the West Coast mayhem. But our hotels are at their lowest occupancy since early COVID. Eeerie vibe out there in the Economy, but one safe spot I see: healthcare. And that’s my next goal. To find one ETF to rule all others in healthcare. Do I buy $XLV? Of is there something better with monthly dividends? Anyway, my list of winners or symbols down way less than tech, the S&P 500, the Nasdaq, and especially world indices, many down more than 25% at this moment:

  1. $AMLP (quarterly dividend .74 cents)

  2. $CWH (quarterly dividend .625 cents)

  3. $BRMK (monthly dividend .07 cents)

  4. $DHS (monthly dividend .195 cents)

  5. $DIV (monthly dividend .105 cents)

  6. $KBWD (monthly dividend .141 cents)

  7. $PGX (monthly dividend .061 cents)

  8. $SDIV (monthly dividend .085 cents)

  9. $SPHD (monthly dividend .141 cents)


I like this sector also, but I’m not a pharma fan. I’ve used funds focused on medical devices and supplies. FSMEX, IHI

Not big dividend payers, however.

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I was up at Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL this past week for five days.

That place is amazing. Every test I went through I noticed who was making what machinery and razor blades for those machines.

I also learned that the former Varian (maker of machines used in radiation treatment) was recently bought out (according to the tech running their newest machine.) Thanks for reminding me to find out who bought Varian.


Aha! Siemens bought out Varian this past Spring:

$SIEGY daily, weekly, and monthly charts. Note the pretty setup on the daily chart. I’ll be watchlisting $SIEGY for a trade this week

Varian is one of the early Silicon Valley pioneers. Probably from the early electrical engineering (probably radio engineering originally) program at Stanford. In WWII they made microwave equipment for radar. That gave them an entre into magnetic resonance used in chemistry for NMR and now for MRI imaging.


Hi PeregrineTrader,
15 percent? Are they selling calls against their holdings?