Time for another round of Government Shutdown

Ok here we go again. Are we going to have a government shutdown.

After this week ends, the House will have just 16 legislative days to come up with a solution before the first of a two-part deadline is breached, which will set off a partial shutdown on January 19. Should the House continue to flail after that date, the government will roll into a full shutdown two weeks later, on February 2

I vote no.

Geez what a mess this Congress is.



How many times has Congress tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act?

The Tuesday, February 2, 2016 vote, with a tally of 241–186, was the 63rd attempt by the House.

My comment talk about hard workers. Amazing how little got done.

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Most recent book said Republicans have given up on repeal of ACA. They realize millions would lose health insurance. And might not vote Republican next time.

Trump promised a better plan again and again but never even came up with a suggestion for discussion.

Those who think he might pull it off next time are delusional.


The Secret Plan to End The Vietnam War?

Any $uckers out there?

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IIRC, the war in Viet Nam is over. :slightly_smiling_face:



It was a campaign prop when fighting the war in Cambodia was secretly going on.

I remember – Nixon campaigned in 1968 with a plan to end the war. And he did.

        US troop
End of
 1968    540,000
 1969    480,000
 1970    280,000
 1971    140,000
 1972     24,000
 1973         50


No one willing to prognosticate anymore? LOL looks like the defaulters are all defaulted out.


We are just worn out by how much hard work is going on in DC.


Dude, you gave us all of 11 hours (overnight) to respond. At least let us get into our second cup of coffee. :grin:

I give odds at 51/49 at this point with 51 being no shutdown. I was FAR more confident of us not having one this year with two holidays immediately to follow. I give the edge to no shutdown because by 1/19, we will be knee deep in the primary season (and it may be all but over at that point) and I really don’t think Johnson wants to give any unnecessary ammo to the opposition. It is far easier to weather a shut down when you don’t immediately have to answer for it.

Would not surprise me if we get another few CRs before it is all done.

Edit: This was the article below your link:

January US Shutdown Odds Lessen as House GOP Softens Demands

Ultra-conservatives in the US House on Wednesday softened their demands for deep spending cuts to domestic programs, heightening the odds the two parties can reach a spending agreement and avert a Jan. 20 partial government shutdown.


Look Congress is already on a work delay. Is that a government shutdown? I think you are trying to set the bar higher. But it is low enough.

Do y’all really have a second cup of coffee when it is still morning hours (USA time now is 10:45 eastern, 7:45 pacific)?

If I have a second cup, it’s usually in the afternoon, if I am dragging and don’t have time for a nap. :smiley:

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I just brewed 7 cups of decaf.

I do not want the twitching that otherwise happens.

The plan was to drop more tonnage of armaments on North Vietnam, a land mass about the size of Connecticut, than all sides dropped in all theaters of World War II. So: Britain, France, Germany, Poland, Soviet Russia, Greece, Italy. North Africa, Morocco and Algeria, China, Japan, Indonesia, Austria, East Prussia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Baltic States, Yugoslavia, Dutch East Indes, Papua New Guinea, Korea, and probably others I’ve forgotten.

And yes, it includes the conventional explosive equivalent of the two atomic weapons dropped on Japan.

So when you so blithely note that “he did”, please also mention that he killed hundreds of thousands, probably millions of innocent men, women and children, did not achieve any goal of any sort, and pretty much made the US military a pariah for the next generation.


Late to the party (too much life going on to spend much time reading here). But I’ll prognosticate.

Jan deadline - 10% chance of an actual budget, 90% chance of a C/R to the Feb deadline. No shutdown.

Seeing as anything other than a shutdown will almost certainly require the tiniest bit of bipartisan cooperation, I put the current speaker’s odds of retaining his speakership at 50/50 if there is no shutdown.



I’m surprised we don’t have a continuing thread on the govt shutdown. The House shut down Thursday for the rest of the year giving them 8 days to come to turns before the January shutdown.


Washington Post is best I could find on Google News. Senate is remaining in town early next week where they continue to work on compromise that would fund Ukraine and Israel and resolve the conflict on stricter border regs especially on asylum. Otherwise, shut down in mid January.

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Let’s hope the ejits shut it down. I am looking forward to a buying opportunity.

Finally something good out of the House.

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