Tips for a beginning commodities trader?

Greetings all, I am new to commodity investing and would like to dip my toes into it.

I’ve been investing for a few years, and am fascinated with macroeconomics, and understanding how the world works in general, and how all the moving parts are intertwined.

I’ve read books such as “Reminiscences of a Stock operator” and thought Lefevre’s 30,000 foot approach to predicting certain commodities will rise based on world events was really interesting.

So I wanted to ask, as a humble beginner:

  1. What does your weekly / monthly commodity investing routine look like?
  2. Are there certain news sources or aggregators that are good to glance over, that help filter out the “noise”, and make it easier to make informed decisions?
  3. For a US-based investor, are ETF’s on the NYSE the best way to invest in commodities such as Copper, Coffee, Wheat, etc? How do you find the best investment vehicle for each commodity?

Many thanks in advance for any advice / tips.

Lefevre was just the author, not the trader, Jesse Livermore. If you’re looking for a current role model, take a look at Jim Rogers.