TMF post on Apple

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Well managed company. Great products. Strong brand with great customer loyalty.

But how do you continue to grow the business once everyone has one? New models. New features. Higher prices.

What have you done for us lately? How about some frontier products?

Can you give an example of what you would consider a “frontier product”? I don’t mean from Apple, I mean over the last 5 years from any company.

Apple has quite a few. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macintosch, Apple ii

Well, Apple’s AR Headset is supposed to be featured at WWDC next week. Whether it will turn out to be a niche product or a “game changer” only time will tell.

I know Apple has quite a few, that’s why they are among the most valuable companies in the world.

Any recent (“done for us lately”) examples? I think you were implying that Apple hasn’t had any recent ones, so give us some examples of recent ones, say over last 5 or 6 years, from any company out there. Or are you implying that nobody has any recent “frontier” products?

Creating new products that everyone “must have” is an obvious goal.

Recently the cupboard seems bare. It’s been a while!! When will that change?

Apple’s long history of inventing new categories of products or radically reinventing existing categories is well-known. We remember well the hits (e.g. Mac, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, iTunes store, etc.), and we conveniently forget the misses (e.g. various models of hardware (like the 20th Anniversary Mac), eWorld, Newton, Pippin, etc.). Or the vaporware (e.g. Apple Car, Apple Television (not to be confused with Apple TV)).

“What have you done for us lately” can be interpreted to imply a regularity of hits that is unwarranted even from Apple, even under Steve Jobs. If you accept some randomness in hits and misses from Apple, it’s going to be statistically likely that, given a long-enough history, some of Apple’s successes will clump together in some time periods and also be widely spaced apart at other times. Same goes with the failures.

That said, if you want a “game changer”, “frontier” product, all we know is the rumored mixed reality headset that may or may not appear. The failure of the rest of the industry is no guarantee of the failure of Apple at producing such a headset, but neither is Apple’s success at product introductions a guarantee of the success of the same, either.


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Hopefully today, with the announcement, and possible demo, at WWDC, of Apple’s AR/VR headset.