Top 10 retirement expenses

From AARP article–
10 Most Underestimated Retirement Living Expenses (

Seems like, depending on age, it would be possible to get #4. Transportation costs down. Cars would go from 2 or 1 to zero, so car maintenance, fuel & insurance go down or go away. With online grocery, and/or online orders via WalMart, Target, Amazon, it would be possible to reduce trips to the grocery store(s) for food and other stuff


Under #5, Utilities:

Even then, the rates that utilities charge all customers will continue to increase annually. That’s why Bender notes that [installing solar panels](Is It Time to Switch to Solar Power?) with batteries can reduce rising electricity bills.

I did that (install solar panels with batteries) early last December, so I can give some feedback

First, as I am on true met metering and a rate that does not vary by time of day, the batteries provide no financial advantage except whatever comes from providing backup in a power outage. Those with different circumstances may benefit financially, but I do not. Rather I am paying off the cost of the battery system (two Tesla Powerwalls) without it saving me a cent.

Second, while my last power bill was zero, and I many well finish 2023 with a surplus, my payments on the loan are pretty high. It might well take me the full ten years of the loan to break even, despite the 1% interest rate. All in all, while I love my solar system and am glad I chose to install it, for me it does not provide the savings the article hypothesizes.

Otherwise not a bad article.


@RHinCT - The list itself is not bad. It is a useful starting point. But, there are counterpoints to some of the issues.
For instance, the elephant-in-the-room, i.e. medical care, does have a partial solution that requires some planning and research. Medical tourism, or going overseas, to get treatment for a procedure that might cost 5X - 10X the price in the US. One could actually kill two birds with one stone - medical care and travel/vacation on one trip, and save money too. Not saying there aren’t other associated risks, But certainly, a retiree could significantly reduce some expenses.

I might have added Hobbies. With more free time there is a wonderful opportunity to pursue activities that were not possible before… boating, fishing, photography, woodworking, and so many other things that involve a bit of investment in equipment.

You mean, the retiree starts with water coloring, but gets involved with digital art & NFTs? :rofl:

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