Top 10 Retirement Planning mistakes

Interesting list. Seems one has to find quite the balance between being conservative and being aggressive with investments, and other items in between - inflation, health-care, income expectations.
Financial Advisers Say These Are the Top 10 Retirement Planning Mistakes | Watch (

If I think of my order of concerns,

  1. Proper planning for healthcare costs
  2. Finding the right balance of investments as I get older
  3. Longevity (though having recently learned of two work associate deaths, I feel this one isn’t entirely in my control)

Anyone else?


For many, failure to start saving early enough. Failure to participate in retirement plans like 401k.


For sure this is true, but I could easily make the case the idea people invest too aggressively as merely a way people deny failing to begin saving early enough. With that construct, these people did not do anything wrong – rather somebody (maybe the government) screwed up the economy.

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Another article on retirement planning - some retiree perspectives.
When I read the article, seems more like adjustments to retirement than regrets.