Top USA industrial emitters of leading greenhouse gases in 2021

I am glad I do not live in eastern USA .


So are we…

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I live in CT. We have a lot more brain power than anyone in Alabama. We value life. We do not kill our neighbors. We do not pontificate while killing our neighbors. We are not nasty people. Our air is clean by law. We have had some of the worst pollution problems in the country in Hartford. We have legislatively and in the courts stopped the destruction of human beings. I get Alabama will rise again nonsense. It means do not bother me I do not care who dies in the deep south. Disgusting.

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If you need to be nasty speak only for yourself. There is no “we” there.

There might be a number of reasons for that, but greenhouse gas emissions are not one of them. They are well mixed gases and global in nature.


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