Torm announces in "SA-stealth" mode

I thought SeekingAlpha (SA) was a decent source for updated earnings news. Apparently, SA missed the Torm plc (TRMD) news.

Course TRMD is one of those entities that make top stats more difficult to find.

  • Q4 EBITDA was $234M
  • Q4 daily rates: LR2 $44K, LR1 $40.5K, MR2 $36.1K (all very nice)
  • 22 vessels acquired, 11 vessels sold or 11 net vessels.
  • Additional vessel added in q1 2024
  • Q4 div of $1.36/sh (Decent payout that likely was partially impacted by end of year vessel additions and subtractions)

No Balance Sheet? More to follow … if I can find the data