Torm plc (TRMD) Q4 2022

Torm plc (TORM) announced Q4 2022 results earlier today (3/16/23)
You’d think the darn Danes would provide basic metrics, Instead

  • Q4 2022 EBITDA of $267M (Full year $743M)
  • Profit before tax of $222M (Full year $557M)
  • This one is helpful: Fleet TCE $47520 daily (Full year $34154)
  • Q4 dividend $2.59/sh

This is a headline in a PowerPoint slidedeck. It’s in two lines but it’s all you get. (

Subsequent events:

  • In Jan 2023, Torm acquired 7 LR1 vessels.
  • In Mar 2023, company acquired 3 MR vessels.
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