Trading Baskets At Fidelity

Last week, I discovered that Fidelity now offers a lower-cost knockoff of what Foliofn offers. As as experiment, I’ve been running an equal-weight basket of gold miners. The price of gold is down on the day. But the miners are rallying, and my basket is out-performing its included benchmarks of GDX and GDXJ.

Today’s results:
My basket, +2.39%
GDXJ, +2.33
GDX, +1.55%
GLD, (-0.22%)

Fido offers some ready-made baskets. But I’m thinking to put together some more of my own to track industries/sectors/themes that interest me.


Have they allowed people to set up the trades in advance, like during the evening for working stiffs, like Folio used to, or do they still require in-market-hours-only basket setup & execution? I stopped using the basket feature because of that.

Trades can only be placed during market hours.