Travel Insurance

We have used Allianz annual plans for several years and fortunately have never had a reason to make a claim. We are heading to Spain in September and used a travel agent to arrange some tours and hotels.

He has suggested Travel Guard as his preferred option over Allianz. He is an authorized agent for both, but he said 2 of his customers had had bad experiences with getting claims honored by Allianz and so he doesn’t really bother with them anymore.

He runs a small ‘high-end’ service. We know of him through a new neighbor who has used him for years, so I’m not doubting his knowledge, but I’m not sure it’s enough to make me want to change.

I originally came to Allianz based on Jeff’s (OrmontUS) book and travel dialogues.

Before I renew our plan, I thought I would seek opinions here.


As an aside, pricing of annual plans is often as cheap as single trip coverage (depending on the level of coverage). Even a second trip in a year makes it worthwhile.

What is your coverage? And do credit cards cover some of that (several cards have various trip coverages if you use their card to buy the tickets, for example).

We have a MedJet plan. Basically, medical evacuation back to the US. Doesn’t cover trip cancellation, and we didn’t get the terrorist plan (i.e. their premium plan). But if we have to go to a hospital, MedJet will provide medical transport to the hospital of our choice in the US, so long as we are more than 100 miles from home.