Treasury Direct 2023 Form 1099

I learned today that if you cashed in an i-bond in 2023 to get better returns in the stock market, Treasury Direct doesn’t mail you Form 1099 with your interest income. You have to hunt it down on their website and print it out for yourself.



Not just I-bonds. Anything purchased on Treasurydirect has no 1099 mailed to you. You have to find it buried on their website and download it yourself. And it is the worst structure of a form 1099 that I’ve ever seen, absolutely horrible.


Everyone agrees that Treasury Direct is a horrible website.

Like some other online banks, Treasury Direct does not send statements in addition to the fact that they do not send 1099s. For the sake of one’s heirs (not to mention just good bookkeeping practice) the owner should print out a paper copy of statements for their records. Not to mention saving electronic copies.

If I die, I don’t want to leave my husband guessing about where I keep my assets or how to access them.



Is the Treasury exempt from following their own rules regarding sending out 1099s?

The site looks like it was written in DOS.


It doesn’t have to be a physical letter sent to my home. A simple e-mail saying to “log-on to your Treasury Direct account for important 2023 Federal tax information” would suffice.


They DID send that on Jan 24th.


I just checked my spam folder. Nothing from TreasuryDirect for 1/24/2024. I wonder if I’m the only one missing the email?


Given my family history, I treated dementia as a potential investment risk and simplified my investments accordingly. It took me about an hour to assemble my tax documents this year. I spouse has my account names and passwords filed with our wills and birth certificates. No treasury direct for me if you have to hunt down your tax documents.

No, you aren’t.


Same here…no email.


Ditto, no email for the Wolves.

Hmmm, I wonder which email service y’all use? It is quite possible that the email is being detected as “junk” or “spam” or even “dangerous”. That’s the other deficiency of treasurydirect, their communications are so … well … juvenile in form, that they could easily be detected as a Nigerian or some other scam. Depending on your email server and client, different emails may be handled differently. Could be instantly and permanently deleted (rare), could be in a junk folder, could be in a spam folder, could be in a server-based junk folder, or in a client-based junk folder, etc. Could have been caught in a filter and moved somewhere sight unseen (for example, I have a few tens or hundreds of filters in my gmail to move many things to a tag called “BulkEmail” while entirely skipping the Inbox.)

I also wonder if there is a setting inside TreasuryDirect to select which communications they should send via email?

Thank you - I thought I remembered receiving something. I was going to post but couldn’t find my copy and then thought my memory might be playing games on me.


I get an email from Treasury Direct stating that 1099’s will not be mailed out, and specific instructions as to where to go in their system to view and print the 1099. It is not hard to do at all.
I also go to my IRA and Taxable accounts and print out the 1099’s. It is not any harder to do this on the Treasury Direct site as it is on the other private company sites to get those 1099’s.

Treasury Direct site feels a tad clunky to me because you cannot use your keyboard to navigate backwards, you have to use the TD buttons on the screen, via clicking on them with your mouse, or the TD system logs you out. But the TD site also warns users about that quirk, so not a big deal anymore.


I’ve gotten e-mails from TreasuryDirect confirming a purchase or sale of a security. So I’m assuming my spam filter sees TreasuryDirect as a website I do business with.

Maybe the 1099 emails come from a different domain?


Same domain, different email address.

The purchase/sale/reinvestment ones come from -

The 1099 one came from -


Thanks for that. I’ll add the TreasuryDirect.1099 address to my contact list.


I wouldn’t mind an email server/client that would allow me to greenlight the entire domain ( because who knows what email they’ll use next year (after paying a ripoff contractor millions to update their system in some small way). Maybe there are such email server services? Might work in gmail with a filter.

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Have your own domain with e-mail and/or e-mail forwarding service. Works great and you can change your ISP as often as necessary, just change the e-mail address to where stuff gets forwarded.