Truly Abandoned

Champs-it was a great ride. Miss your comments


Agree with your sentiment and hope all is well with Champ and he just needed a break.

I’d like to take the liberty to suggest that some of the other great posters that used to visit here, XMFROB, The Captain, and quite a few others could keep the Arctic Outpost going.

There are also posters like Broadway Dan, whose thoughts and writings I truly enjoyed but had to leave Saul’s group. Investors that don’t keep to the guidelines of Saul’s group could post their thoughts here.

I’m in no way disparaging Saul or the other very generous individuals that share their thoughts there, where I have learnt so much that it’s impossible to thank them, but the rules of that group don’t include all the great investors on here.

I’m a beginner and come here every day to learn, but let me go first: I’m an avid listener of the All In podcast and one of their predictions for 2024 is that with the advent of AI, a lot of SaaS companies are going to be hit, especially their margins as it’s becoming much easier and less time consuming for larger companies to develop their own systems.

If true, this could pose a challenge to quite a few of the companies we discuss around here. Saul and others have moved a little away from mainly SaaS, with ELF and CELH for example but there are still a few SaaS companies held.

Being based in Africa it’s really hard to follow trends in the US. if anyone has thoughts please share. And the invite stays for all the Outpost followers to take up the baton, at least until Champ comes back which I hope will be soon.



The Mongoose was the first board where Champ’s genius and candour emerged as an unparalleled alternative to Saul’s board. It wasn’t just about stocks, it was also about humour, irony and a unique way of communicating one’s own ideas and strategies.
When he realized that the board had become „less enjoyable“ due to some intrusive and totally unpleasant individual(s), Champ had the brilliant idea „to hide“ behind a new board : The Abandoned Arctic Outpost #13.
I was lucky enough to discover the new board pretty quickly; at first, for a long time, it was just him and Dreamer posting there, and then moneyslob would appear from time to time.
It took quite a long time for the board to become a bit more popular, but that was exactly what Champ never really wanted. At least that’s what I understood when he said he didn´t want any recs.
Of course Champ not posting doesn’t necessarily mean anything.
I hope he is well and that someday he will be back because his posts were by far the most beautiful I ever read on MF.

I also miss Tinker and Jim (mungofitch).


Yep, Champ is a great poster. Hopefully I’ll find him again someday.

You can find mungofitch here


Tinker is on Slack at Tinkers Acme Investing

Do you know how someone get access to Tinker’s Slack forum? (I’m not too familiar w/ Slack)

I will invite you if you send me an email directly

I’m sorry 5imple5, I’m not sure how to email you directly in this new format? Please advise.

I don’t know how to communicate directly in this new format, either. Try going directly toslack Tinker’s Acme Investing and see if you can request admitance…just read that no more direct messaging in this new format.

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I had access in the past, but lost it because I stopped logging in 1 year ago.

Put a link to your FB page and he will be able to Message you there with emails etc.

Oh right, you don’t do FB. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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