Twilio announcements and my reflections

Twilio new announcements and my reflections

As many of you know, I have had a position in Twilio for about 3½ months now (15 weeks to be exact), buying in at about $25.70 in January and adding along the way, in spite of a lot of skepticism (to put it mildly) on the board.

Well in the last month or so they have made two new announcements. First on March 12th they announced Twilio Flex which they feel will be the future of contact centers, and now, yesterday, they announced Twilio Programmable Wireless which they feel will finally break the log jam holding back the Internet of Things. Here are the press releases. I don’t know anything about the technology, but it is clear that the company feels that these are game-changers.……

Reflections on buying stocks
I added some yesterday and today, at $39.88, $40.85, and $41.40. The price as I write is $41.65, so my original purchases are up 62% since January. I have no hesitation, as you know, to add to my position on the way up, even up 60%. I prefer it. I know that there are people who try to wait for a pullback to buy a little cheaper. I never get the cheapest prices.

I was thinking about it today and I decided the secret of (my) success in stock investing isn’t trying to buy stocks that are a little cheaper, but is trying to buy stocks of companies that are going to be very successful. To buy stocks, not that are a little cheaper than they were, but to buy stocks in great companies. Sure if a stock in a high conviction stock pulls back for no reason I may add to a position if I have the money, but I never wait for a stock to go down before buying it. I’m buying it because I think it’s going to go up, after all.

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Thank you for the update on your thoughts. Do you take valuation into consideration at all?

Twilio at a P/S of about 10 doesn’t seem to be in bubble territory.

For example, 2 stocks I would really like to own are TEAM and ABMD, but they seem to be bubblish.

Team at P/S of close to 20 and growing at 40%.

ABMD with P/S of close to 25.

If Twilio had a P/S of 20 right now instead of 10, would you still add?


For example, 2 stocks I would really like to own are TEAM and ABMD, but they seem to be bubblish.
Team at P/S of close to 20 and growing at 40%. ABMD with P/S of close to 25.

Hi Jimbo, I agree that P/S of 20 and 25 are very high. I guess it all depends on the company, and how fast that S is growing.

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Thank you. Had some Twillo, now have a little more.
Bought tiny position in Planet Fitness. This is a gym that doesn’t have any mirrors and caters to those that want to exercise without all the macho stuff that comes with normal stuff. First ran into Planet Fitness when my bodybuilder Facebook group complained about how conservative they were.
Doing what Saul does: take a small position and see if it grows or doesn’t.

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Hi Saul,

I also bought shares at around 26$. I’ve been waiting for a drop last month to buy more but it never did. And your post made me laugh because this morning I was telling myself that waiting for this drop was probably stupid and I decided that I would buy more shares tomorrow whatever the price will be.

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u aware that Amazon also has a new Contact Center offering?

I may be wrong, but isn’t Twilio directly involved with Amazon Connect?

From a Marketwatch article dated 4/7/17:…

Last month, that partnership expanded to also include mobile phone and voice messages on Amazon Connect. Its software is now powering a number of new AWS products, including SNS, its virtual meeting feature; Chime, its notification tool; and Amazon Connect, its cloud-based customer contact center. As AWS, the leader in the burgeoning public cloud market, grows, Twilio is expected to ride its coattails.

Am I reading this wrong?

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Just for reference, here is P/S for several stocks:

F     0.3
AGX   0.7
GBX   0.7
WAB   2.0 (an old, big, steady company Saul held several years ago)
MU    2.5
AMAT  3.8
LRCX  3.8
AAPL  3.9
TSLA  4.1
NXPI  4.2
AMZN  4.3
SWKS  4.9
MANH  5.0
AVGO  5.7
UBNT  6.3
TXN   7.1
ELLI  7.7
CRM   8.7
NTNX  8.7
TLND  9.7
TWLO  9.7
SPLK 11.8
ANET 12.4
AYX  14.9
ADBE 15.0
NVDA 15.4
VEEV 16.8
FMI  17.5
ISRG 17.5
SHOP 17.8