TWILIO - opposing view?

Greetings all. This is my first post. I’m new at this investing strategy. I wanted to check on how TWILIO is doing, and found this analysis of Twilio.…



Please ignore that last post… I see a similar thread from the past. I will need to better understand what is Twilio’s value-add.…

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Hi Bliss

I understand you are new to this board, so you may have missed the deep dive on TWLO that Saul posted not long ago.…

I have linked to the post here for your convenience.

However, we have a few ground rules here. One of them being adding value to the board when we post something. So just linking to an article on Seeking Alpha and writing ”Thoughts?” is not very helpful to anyone (and it suggests you want others to do the hard work). Please be more specific and offer your own thoughts when posting.

You can read more about the rules every Monday when they are re-posted here on this board.

That being said, welcome — hope you will enjoy the deep dive. Enough thoughts in that post to keep you occupied through the weekend :slight_smile:

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