Twitter workers to Musk: Slow down there, boy

What is bluesky???


Where you been buddy? :wink:

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Ok. I signed up. Looks like twitter … but without any of my friends there.

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It should, it was created by Jack Dorsey while at Twitter.

Who will note that Jack has also recently left Bluesky

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I enjoy the time I spend on BlueSky. There are serious conversations there but there is also a lot of fun. on Bluesky

I just followed you, so now I have one friend there! Or whatever they call it.

Yep. Pretty much the network effect, only backwards.Twitter got there early and grabbed it. Hard to see any of the pretenders making much of a dent now, absent some compelling incentive. Like, how about, paying every news organization that’s worth its salt to post there, kind of like Apple does with Apple News. (Of course there’s a revenue stream coming in from subscriptions, but you might do the same with ads. Or similar, at least.)

The last great chanc was when Facebook killed MySpace, but it’s more that two things happened: MySpace killed itself by cluttering up everything with ads (nice going, Rupert), and Facebook invented the news feed.

Many pretenders since then, including Apple, Google, and yes, Facebook, and yet Twitter lives.

X is something like twice the membership of Twitter.

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The X platform has transformed itself from “240 characters text” to “Video first”. The content creators on X is growing exponentially. Other tools like xHiring and xPayments is coming. The platform is vibrant and is now the defacto place for unfiltered news as legacy media continues to shrivel.

When you combine this with the engineering efforts of xAI / Grok, the story is quite compelling.


Mostly people demonstrating how to display and use their genitals.

An interesting choice of words.

As are the implements. Or vibrating, at least.

Yeah, that unfiltered news. Who would want to have people fact check something before consuming it raw? I’m thinking maybe the AI lords and others who think cheese should be glued on to pizza with glue. Just one example of millions, given the trend of things.


Because some people cannot tell the difference between news and propaganda/misinformation, unfortunately.


And some people don’t trust the fact checkers.



Perhaps you just don’t like the facts.

Here is what happens on X, with its unfiltered news. Deplorable Marco Rubio posts this:

Fortunately he was fact checked:


And that, of course, cuts in multiple directions. In our small community for example, I wouldn’t want Leap ‘fact checking’ for me, and I suspect he wouldn’t want me to do it for him.



I joined X 2 months ago, in order to
1 find another source of news and access to investing related news other than YouTube ; and
2 to see if really is as bad as many portray it.

1 it’s a mixed bag for news.
Investing info is still better on YouTube, but X is getting better.

2 I find that I can “follow” the topics I’m interested in. This limits exposure to unwanted topics
Skipping over unwanted is EASY.

Just as in the grocery store, I can avoid the yellow rag zines at the cash register, there are parts of X that I just as easily avoid.

On a brighter note: I’ve never posted on X, yet I have between 80 and 100 followers.
Of those, 75% are Onlyfans. Judging by their thumbnails, they are :fire:.

but, AGAIN, it’s EASY to ignore/avoid that content.

And I don’t have a “nanny minder” telling me what I can post, or what I’m “allowed” to read.


The wisdom literature “law of Attraction” says that what you expect to “see” will be what you encounter. Cause THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE PROGRAMMING YOURSELF to “see”.


I’ve been on Twitter for a few years but I don’t follow anyone. I have bookmarks for the pages for the people I’m interested in. Generals Hertling and Hodges; Tyson; Packers coverage and other such odd stuff. I click on my bookmark for their page and see what’s new. I’m not finding any of the other sites (Mastodon, BlueSky, . . ) that allow me to do things in that manner. I’m pretty ambivalent about the whole social media thing.


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Best TMF line of all time.

Goof as usual you are not sure what matters here.

The filtered news avoids reality as well.

Besides you really think DJ could exist without “TODAY’s” filtered news. Conkrite would have none of this crap. Neither would the public back then.


Not replying specifically to you, but thought this was a good place to jump into the thread.

I follow a few people. The only one that might be political is a German guy that reports on the Ukraine war. As his post are in German and I have to translate them they tend to avoid most of the AI propaganda.

The rest of who I follow are either weather people, nuclear fusion people and battery people, psychedelics reasearch and one macro economic person.

Anytime someone pops in with a political post I block them. Any ad that pops up with politics, I suppress it. anytime someone follows me with a new name, I block them.

My feed is clean, and tends to point me to breaking news I can use. When a situation is urgent and dynamic I am generally clued into it. Tornadoes, fires breaking science (doesn’t happen often) etc.

What I do miss and it is by design, is stupid discussions about someone’s poopy pants. I miss the controversy at the border and all the conspiracy theories. My 92 year mother, and my 82 year old mother-in-law keep me advised.

Qazulight (Now this poopy pants discussion has got me thinking about a throne of my own.)


I am on X for another reason. I turned my profile into a gaming profile to run ads for my game later this year. I had to change it over early because X won’t allow changes to a profile close to beginning an ads campaign. You have to have a history to run ads. X is well priced for advertising. I do not need API or Pixel for an awareness campaign. FB and IG are way over priced. It is not like Meta allows anyone to profit on their platform.


Then learn to be your own fact checker.

In this day and age, everything you read or see on the internet must be fact checked. You have to trust someone to do it for you, or you have to do it yourself.