Twitter workers to Musk: Slow down there, boy

The essential point, and stated generally, knowledge is fundamentally social, and a society based on “likes” as opposed to esteem is bankrupt.

There we are.

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That is why I am not transactional here.
That is why it took you time to get used to me.
That is why I am direct with people.

People who are honest do better. People who know what they are transacting in are worth more if they know their worth. A like button is not self worth.

A worthy ambition. Do you also check your own airplane before boarding it for a flight? Make sure the airbag in your car won’t explode and kill you with shrapnel? Watch your carrots be plucked from the ground to insure that they don’t contain pesticide residues?

We live in a complex society. We don’t maintain our own horse and buggy, grow our own food, or trade news down at the barbershop. Fact checking, when done appropriately, is the informational equivalent of honest labeling on products or appropriate regulation of industries too complex for the consumer to monitor at every stage.

Yes, Virginia, there are “facts” which are immutable. That fact-checkers occasionally make mistakes is no more reason to ignore them than to disregard the safety warnings of speed limit signs or stop lights.

People who complain about fact-checkers, in my experience, have very little use for “facts”, they would rather live in their own aggrieved reality, baying at the moon and complaining about how badly life has treated them.


Well, I do avoid newer Boeing airplanes.

Which is basically my point. It is reasonable to question things you see or read, especially on the internet. It’s not reasonable to be a prolific poster of all sorts of links and simultaneously claim not to trust fact checkers. It’s an admission that you are a spreader of propaganda.



This is the problem. Legacy media has violated the trust. They have not been honest. They resorted to censorship and tilt towards salaciousness, negativity and sensationalism.

People are stopping watching cable news.

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Probably need to be a bit more specific, here. When I see “legacy media” related to news, I think of ABC, NBC, and CBS. And newspapers printed on actual paper once a day. That’s likely because I’m old.



Some BlueSky fun.

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