TWLO Projected Growth

Never get tired of hearing about the potential growth of TWLO:

“…The majority of the contact center market is currently legacy in nature, with the cloud penetrating just 10% to 15% of this space. This means that the majority of the organizations are still using traditional channels to respond to customer requests in place of initiating customer interactions proactively to address any current or upcoming issues.

However, the scenario is going to change rapidly over the next five years, with cloud penetration in contact centers slated to increase at an annual pace of 25% through 2022. This is where the flexibility and ease of use of Twilio’s Flex platform could come in handy, helping organizations make the move from legacy systems to the cloud.

…In fact, analysts expect the company’s bottom line to increase at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 20% over the next five years. But it could grow at a faster pace provided its execution remains top-notch and the end market’s growth is as strong as expected, setting the stage for strong upside in the long run.”…

Twilio’s Amazing Growth Story Is Just Getting Started
Twilio is on the cusp of rapid growth as it tries to ride the change in this huge market.