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Greetings to all. I have been idle on MF boards for some months due to internet connection problems. However, as I write this I am watching the Dodgers/Padres game in my kitchen in the Philippines. Courtesy of Ubiquiti.
Posting this here because there seems more Ubiquiti interest here than on the RB board.
I went through two tech guys/installers and many months to get this connection going. No problem with Ubiquiti but with the business skills of the first tech guy. The internet problem here is the limited fiber or telephone land lines or 4G LTE coverage. So there is a lot of area dependent upon 3G pre or post paid plans and the sales teams are way ahead of the build out. So the solution is to make arrangements with someone in “town” to put a land line at their house or business, get internet service and connect to your own house via parabolic antennas. Finding a location for the land line is not all that easy as service has not been fully restored since the typhoon.
Anyway, the supplier of choice for both tech guys was ubiquiti. As far as I know, the only sellers are in Manila. Purchase over the phone, send money via a money transfer service, ship down by a FedEx-like company. Pricing is not uniform…
After many months of problems (complicated, but the xmitter was on a building, the space rented by the techy, rent not paid, power shut off and similar problem with the phone company) I retrieved the antenna and relocated to where I pay the bills. Problem then was finding a new tech guy which took only a week. But then, the fee quoted was waaay high. This is where the Ubiquiti users group came in handy as I could confirm my estimate of the time required and difficulty (or lack thereof) of aligning the antennas. Got the quote cut in half (still too much enough is enough). And, as I expected, the set up was less than one day.
From an investment thesis point of view, the marketing is interesting. The user forum is active. Even my dumb question got answered as well as my info input allowed. There is no alternate supplier available in the computer stores because the application is uncommon from a consumer standpoint. Not too many looking for 40 mile range equipment for internet connection. But there are enough need for this that even in a remote area there are people who know where to go and how to install this type of equipment.



Hi KC and welcome to the board. Thanks for the first hand consumer input. Seeing it through the eyes of someone who used the product is always very helpful.


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KC Could you go into detail on how your system is set up. It would be very interesting.