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I’m not sure if this belongs on the board; it may be a stretch.

But, perhaps relevant to UBNT down the road, I’ve been investigating an early stage company called Teraphysics which claims to have a novel wireless technology operating in the THz range, which I’ve seen referred to as post-5g. ‘Post’, meaning, it surpasses the speed goals set by 5g - before 5g has yet to come to fruition. Hopefully this isn’t common knowledge. I didn’t see it mentioned.

Here’s an interesting interview with the CEO on youtube:

Apparently Teraphysics has been doing mini (I)PO’s via crowdfunding.

Here’s a big prospectus and audit, which I think is publicly visible:

And the company doing the mini (I)PO’s. Seems like they might have already done one and plan to do another:

Actually, I found this mini IPO thing interesting in itself.


Hi joegurguis.

Did any of your reading indicate how far from the unit the signal can travel? Generally (as I understand it), the higher the frequency, the more data it can carry, but the less distance it can travel. THz seems very high frequency.

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