Ukraine News from CBS: U.S. 101st Airborne Division deployed near Ukraine's border


You are poor, Central African, Libyan, or Syrian, and Putin’s Private Army, Wagner, calls and offers you a few months “service” in Ukraine for top pay.

Warning! When you lick Putin’s boots, this is what you get, Men in Poverty:

Russia’s Secret Recruits Allegedly Abandoned, Starving, and Missing in Action

ABUJA, Nigeria—Russia’s infamous Wagner Group has abandoned dozens of former Central African Republic (CAR) rebels in Ukraine’s Donbas region after recruiting them to fight Vladimir Putin’s war, two former CAR fighters told The Daily Beast.

The CAR sources, who were recruited by Wagner after quitting the Union for Peace (UPC) rebel group last December, said that many of the 100 or so ex-UPC fighters currently in Ukraine have lost contact with Wagner after the group trained them and flew them to the Donbas region about eight months ago.

“Some of our colleagues have called us [on the phone] to inform us that the Russian soldiers who took them to eastern Ukraine deployed them to a particular town and left them to fight on their own,” Ali, who was not part of the group sent to Ukraine, told The Daily Beast. “As we speak, they haven’t been paid for months and they can’t even feed themselves.” (The Daily Beast has changed the names of its sources to protect them from possible retribution.)