Ukrainian electricity grid joins Europe grid

This March 16, at the end of the morning, the Ukrainian electricity system was connected to the European system, announced Ukrenergo and the Entso-E association which brings together European network managers – including RTE.

Ukraine and Moldova are now synchronized with all the countries on the continental European plate (from Portugal to Turkey, excluding the United Kingdom, Ireland, Baltic countries and Scandinavian countries).

Made in the space of a few weeks, in response to Ukraine’s request, this connection was a technical challenge. It marks European solidarity in the field of energy.

European electricity transmission system operators can now support Ukraine electrically in the event of difficulty. They will thus be able to help stabilize the Ukrainian electricity system and, if there is a lack of electricity production in Ukraine, meet a demand for the supply of emergency electricity.

Previously connected to Russia, Ukraine’s electricity grid had been isolated since Thursday, February 24. This presented a risk to the stability of their electrical system. Moldova, supplied by the Ukrainian network, is also affected by this connection to the European network.…



Many of the highest paying jobs in Ukraine are in high tech with some 200k workers. 70% of those workers are male and of fighting age. The rest may have left Ukraine. The network or patchwork of companies work often for western companies and is up and running. A video last night on Yahoo Finance interviewed a head of an outsourcing company in western Ukraine where the industry has consolidated during this war. There are fewer attacks by the Russians in the west…where being on the EU grid matters to this industry.