Update, as requested

Let’s see. Got my office moved back into the house. All of the garage cleaning we did earlier paid off. Needed that extra room to handle some office stuff I needed. A supply cabinet. A couple of cases of paper. Things like that.

The move took the better part of a week to get out of the old office. And I still had to pay a junk service to haul away a truck full of stuff from the office. File cabinets, an old desk, beat up shelves, things like that.

Seemed kind of weird, looking at the empty office. I had been there for about 10 or 11 years. It has been my only office since I went out fully on my own. Leaving lots of memories behind this year.

On the other side, clients have been very supportive so far with my move into my house. And my assistant loves it. The old office was a bit of a dungeon for her. No windows and rather dark. I’ve got her in my wife’s crafting room, with bright colors on the walls and a south facing window. She loves the change.

DS has a new aide that he loves. He’s a younger guy, mid-30’s, with a lot more energy than the other aides we’ve had. They get along great.

Tax work is getting busy, although the next couple of days are pretty light. Which is good, because I need to catch up on some things I had to put off during the week or so I lost by moving.

All in all, not much drama. And that’s OK with me.

–Peter <== who could use a bit less drama in his life for a while


Adding another late night thought.

My old church youth group seems to be having lots of reunions lately. They’re at funerals. Our parents are dying off - most of them into their 80s or even early 90s.

Had another one today that I almost forgot. Got there a bit late. In the end, that was OK. I missed the first half hour of a 2 hour service. It was actually for both parents of one of the youth group. Her father passed away just as the pandemic was starting. So they put any service off for a while. And a while longer. Then her mom passed away in December. My wife and another youth group mom already had services scheduled in January, so she picked early Feb.

And found out that yet another mom passed away in the last couple of weeks. So there will be another of these events in the not-too-distant future.

This kind of sucks. We’re getting old.


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