UPS Earnings transcript

United Parcel Service (UPS) Q1 2024 Earnings Call Transcript | The Motley Fool

Now, let’s turn to innovation-driven. As we’ve discussed, Network of the Future includes physical and digital changes that will deliver benefits in the short-term and the long-term. Smart Package, Smart Facility, our RFID solution, is a great digital example. We are moving from a scanning network to a sensing network.

Following last year’s Phase 1 deployment to our preload operations, this year, we are installing RFID readers in over 40,000 U.S. package cards, with a balance to be completed in 2025. Package card readers will enable us to further reduce our misloads, which will improve efficiency and the customer experience. The physical aspect of Network of the Future has launched, and in the quarter, we continue to close sorts and flow more volume into automated facilities.

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