Upstart CEO Dave Girouard on CNBC

Short interview with David Girouard on Upstart’s addressable market.…


Sorry, I hit enter too quickly there, I wanted to post that the novel info I got out of it was they are adding the full lending process support online in Spanish. This goes along with making loans more accessible and equitable.


It’s incredible that banks don’t yet provide all their services an multiple languages. Seems like an easy win and is just another indicator of how ripe for disruption the banking industry is.

I also note that he said he “would be surprised if in a couple of years they didn’t have hundreds of banks on the platform”. So from 25 today to a minimum of 200 would be 8x growth.

He also mentioned that their AI could more accurately predict who would default and when. So presumably they even consider borrowers who default late in the loan’s term, when enough profit has been made to cover that cost? If so, that is some incredible fine-tuning of their models.