What’s up with Upstart? Should I hold?

What’s up with Upstart? Should I hold?

Don’t know but beware of asking that question in Saul’s Kingdom. Good luck.

Hi, marybrownwatch.

Upstart is a lending company that used its AI-driven risk management tools to enjoy the environment of low interest rates. As fear that inflation would lead the Fed to raise interest rates grew, the market began to punish the company (and pretty much all lending institutions). With each subsequent fed rate increase having the desired effect of tightening the money supply, the impact on Upstart’s business, as well as the market’s reaction, have both been predictable.

The question is whether you believe in the company’s business model. Inflation, and the Fed’s attempts to bring it down, will be temporary, though it may not seem so in the moment. Historically, inflation is not sustainable, though the pain consumers endure is real enough. Eventually, though, the Fed will ease its control as inflation comes down and companies like upstart will find fresh air and return to a growth trajectory, a little older, a little wiser.

I would encourage you to focus on the recommendations and advice of your premium service advisors. And I would encourage you to engage in conversation with your fellow Fools in the Upstart premium community discussion board. This is the best way for you to become more familiar with how the company is impacted by changing economics and to decide for yourself your level conviction in the company’s long-term business growth potential.

Who above all would not make a decision to sell out of an emotional reaction to the market price without considering the business performance and future business potential…

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1 Like Upstart is about at the price it went IPO. As a swing trader would have had 13 out of 13 successful trades with NO losses. Being a HODLer you will drown. If you listen to the Pied Pipers you are going to lose our Tommy Johns.……

Putting your mouse on 10/18/21 is when you should have sold the stock. now look at the bottom panel and observe the xovers on that date. The green line drops below the red line as a signal to sell the stock. Basically, the TSI is telling you when to buy and when to sell.

Something to ponder.

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