US or international equities going forward? Or both?

For anyone interested in the issue of US or international, going forward - some discussion here. Maybe would be good if discussion on that particular theme were continued on this forum rather than the BRK board.

Sneak preview:




On the other hand, one could argue that a Swiss company like Nestle which controls a huge consumer portfolio or foreign miners who control assets in the form of natural resources might be interesting alternatives. There are also foreign industrial companies like Siemen, Philips, ABB and so on that are selling at bargain prices because of the current stress going on in Europe. Unless you think the Russian war is the “forever war” and the Chines COVID is the “forever plague”, these companies are comparatively cheap compared to their American competitors (so far, at least).




If Putin is gone, and Ukraine regains Crimea, then Russian gas might flow again. These things might happen.

Still, the obviousness of Ukraine’s eventual victory hasn’t helped European stocks this year. So we need a timeframe.