Useful Medicare video

I found this YouTube useful.

Disclosure: The presenter is a Broker for ?medicare plans? (I’m not sure) and they have a website,
They have a FB page Medicare School

He explains the changes in Medicare costs for 2023.
The title is click baity.

SHOCKING! Medicare number for 2023 released.

I am NOT a medicare expert, so have no real way to evaluate the video.

But, I do intend to verify what supplemental plan I have through my pension.


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We have doctors in the family. Keeping it simple Medicare and a supplemental are the way to go.

The advantage plans can leave you with a bill regardless of their c’mons. Large bills.


Its sad that all of medicine is so complicated and confusing. I’m not old enough for medicare but I see all of the junk my late father still gets from it and I can see people getting confused easily.

Fortunately I should have federal health insurance and then eventually medicare and won’t need any supplemental plans.



This video gives you a decent breakdown of
the theoretical costs of Medicare A and B etc. Basically summarizing what you’ll read in the Medicare handbook. No surprises really…except that if your MAGI is up there, you can end up paying a lot more than the figures quoted for part B premiums. I know this FOR A FACT…Medicare giveth (in the form of significant contributions to dh prenegotiated salary for 5 of the past 6 years) and Medicare taketh away. The combined premiums we’re currently paying for B, D and supplement…a part G plan…are appreciably more than the deductions from dh’s salary when we had a group health plan before becoming Real Grown Ups.

What this video doesn’t help you with is trying to figure out what medical care might cost you in the event you come down with something really nasty. Thinking about husband’s open heart surgery about 4 years ago. We had his employer provided health plan, plus Medicare part A, and part B (actually an unnecessary add on at the time but he listened to poor advice rather than me and sighed up) With that combo, there were absolutely NO out of pocket costs generated. It’s not impossible for someone with a lesser problem to pay a fair bit depending if they purchased supplemental insurance or not…or even which plan.

If this as enlightened you to the point of being even more confused…join the club!

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