USPS To Boost Purchase of EV Delivery Vans

About time the USPS improved upon that measly 10% EV target!

Forbes headline: USPS To Boost Purchase Of Electric Delivery Vehicles

Darreonna DavisContributor
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Jul 20, 2022, 05:30pm EDT

TOPLINE The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) said Wednesday it will dramatically increase the share of electric vehicles among a fleet of new delivery vehicles it’s ordering, following criticism from environmental advocates and federal officials and lawsuits that accused USPS of violating the National Environmental Policy Act with plans to order up to 165,000 gas-powered trucks over 10 years.


:pushpin: USPS said it expects that at least 40% of the 84,500 Next-Generation Delivery Vehicles and commercial-off-the-shelf vehicles it now plans to purchase will be battery-electric, up from at least 10% previously.

:pushpin: In February, the White House criticized USPS for inking an $11.3 billion contract with Oshkosh Corp. to develop thousands of gas-powered vehicles before beginning an environmental review, saying “the agency committed to walk down a path before looking to see where the path was leading.”

:pushpin: Sixteen states have sued USPS over its plan to buy gas-powered delivery vehicles, claiming the agency’s environmental analysis was “flawed.”

:pushpin: Democratic lawmakers in the House have introduced legislation that would mandate that 75% of the next-gen delivery vehicles be electric.

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